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About Us

DreambigCareer’s mission is to provide professional guidance and career coaching programs to international students, helping them realize their career dreams. We are defined by our professional services and unparalleled customer experience. We are committed to bring professionalism, sincerity, and support in the never-ending quest to serve our students in their best interest.

Founded in 2013, DreambigCareer has attracted more than 300,000 followers on social media, built a mentor network of over 1,500 professionals worldwide, and secured more than 4,000 interview invitations, internships, and full-time offers for our students. The numbers will continue to grow as we help even more international students achieve their dreams in the near future.

----Owen Lu, Co-Founder and CEO at DreambigCareer

Why Us ?

Coming from the world’s leading enterprises, our team is familiar with the hardships and struggles of job hunting that you are facing at this moment. We are here to hear your concerns and help you out with our rich experiences both in the job-hunting process and the industry you are interested in. We will match you with the most suitable and qualified mentor to perfect your resume/cover letter and hone your interview skills. Let us help you and guide you towards your dream destination.

Every single one of our career consultants has his or her unique merits. They are the elites in their fields. Not only have they helped many job seekers with resume and cover letter editing, but they have also shared deep industry insights acquired from their personal experiences. A consultation always begins with an in-depth understanding of the student’s career interests and job-hunting specificities before the mentor proposes the customized course structure and offers tailored solutions.

At DreambigCareer, our utmost goal is to provide the most professional job counseling to job seekers. So far, we have helped students secure more than 4,000 interview invitations, internships, and full-time offers from top-notch companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Citi, BCG, PwC, EY, and Deloitte.

Our Team

Owen Lu

CEO & Co-Founder

Though offered a high-salary job after graduating from Rice University, Owen chose to start his own entrepreneurial venture instead. In 2013, together with Abby, he launched DreambigCareer, the first career consulting platform for international students. During the early stages, Owen acted as the web developer, designer, marketing specialist, and support representative for the entire company, allowing it to be a stable business from the outset.

Abby Wu

COO & Co-Founder

A former investment banker at Deutsche Bank, Abby co-founded DreambigCareer with Owen and personally helped students secure more than 100 interviews and offers at the early stage of the company. Enrolled in the GLOBE program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, she had studied in over 20 countries via one of the best international business programs. Abby’s diverse experiences have shaped her worldview and empowered her to create a business that speaks to the needs of many international students.

Joseph Guo

CFO & Partner

Joseph finished his undergraduate studies at UNC Chapel Hill and later his graduate program at LSE. Prior to joining DBC, Joseph worked as an investment banking analyst at Credit Suisse in Hong Kong. Before that, he had also worked at Barclays Investment Bank and Citi Global Markets. His job hunting experience as an international student across the U.K., the U.S. and Hong Kong allows him to step into the shoes of the students who are struggling to find jobs in these countries.

Veronica Lau

CMO & Partner

Before Veronica joined DreambigCareer as a partner and marketing director, she was the L’Oréal Asia-Pacific product manager of two largest beauty brands in the world. Attaining top 0.05% in the standardized public exam, she was admitted one year earlier to university and enrolled in the most selective business program in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. With international experiences through studying and working in the U.S., Europe, and Australia, she empathizes personally with the challenges many international students face.

Jeremy Ye

Chief Academic Officer & Partner

Jeremy went to an international high school in Europe and later moved to the United States where he graduated from a top 10 accounting master’s program. He had received full-time offers from PwC and EY and ended up working at EY upon college graduation, where he audited a large real estate company and private equity fund. He joined DreambigCareer as a part-time mentor at the early stages of the company (mentees’ offer rate 100% then), and later left EY to join DBC full-time as a partner.

Will Gao

Sales Director & Partner

With 6 years working in the career and education management industry and rich experiences in dealing with businesses, higher institutions, and students, Will has gained a well-rounded understanding of what makes a competitive applicant. Prior to joining DreambigCareer, he has helped over 5,000 clients in pursuing their academic and career goals. Empirically, he has developed a unique approach to enlighten every student through an inspiring and strategic process.

Marin Yan

CTO & Partner

As the Chief Technology Officer, Yan is in charge of DreambigCareer’s web development and mobile application. Previously a senior developer at iFlytek, China’s largest voice recognition technology company, he has over 8 years of experience in information management, data mining, and web development and design. Throughout his career, he has led the completion of a great many projects and attracted over 10 million users.

Rachel Du

Chief R&D Strategist

Rachel had been an international student in both the U.S. and Australia. She was accepted into all the Big Four accounting firms upon graduation and worked as a risk consultant at Big Four. She had helped many of her fellow alumni find jobs after her successful job hunting experience. Rachel now joins DreambigCareer as a teaching and research specialist, hoping to assist even more international students through DBC’s platform.